Fuel Testing and Additives

T.R Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of cost-effective fuel testing services and supplies competitively priced fuel additives to improve fuel function and efficiency.

Industries Served:

* Stand-by Power Generation communications companies, hospitals and other companies that rely on generators to keep them in business through extended power outages need to be sure that the fuel for their generators will remain in good condition for long periods of time. Static storage of fuel oils is problematic due to the degradation of the fuel during long periods of storage which can lead to clogging of in-line filters and shut down of critical equipment. Additionally, winter weather can cause the stored fuel to form wax crystals that can clog filters or the fuel can solidify (gel) making it impossible to pump to the generator. Products useful to our Stand-by Power Generator customers include testing, fuel inhibitors (to stop fuel from aging) and winter additives.

* Fuel Distribution cold weather can cause the formation of wax crystals in diesel fuel and can cause the diesel fuel to gel. When diesel fuel clogs filters for diesel engines fueled at these sites, the engines stop running. Additionally, if the fuel does not flow easily, both dispensing equipment and fuel pumps have to work harder causing substantial wear and tear to the equipment. Products useful to our Fuel Distribution customers include testing and winter additives.

* Construction compressors and heavy equipment run on diesel fuel. This equipment is often left exposed to the winter elements. Fuel problems mean downtime and downtime costs money. We also supply our Construction customers with specialized testing packages for hydraulic, compressor and gear oils to help maintain critical equipment. Products useful to our Construction customers include testing, combustion catalysts and winter additives.

* Heating Oil our combustion catalyst improves combustion efficiency and greatly reduces carbon residue, resulting in more efficient production and distribution of heat.

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