Fuel Testing and Additives

T.R Consulting, Inc. provides a full range of cost-effective fuel testing services.

Samples are sent to a dedicated fuel testing laboratory to determine compliance with accepted fuel standards. The analytical results are reviewed to identify current problems and problems that may occur in the future. We can then make recommendations for actions to take before critical conditions affect your engines.

Through our partners, we can provide turnkey sampling services or we can supply the sampling equipment and packaging for our customers to submit their own samples directly to the lab.

Click on the link for the type of testing you need (includes pricing):

Fuel Testing

Engine Oil Testing

Coolant Testing

Hydraulic/Gear/Compressor Oil Testing

Stand-by Power Generation Packages multi-test packages - (Fuel Package, Engine Oil Package, Coolant Package, Fuel/Engine Oil/Coolant Package)

Order Fuel & Oil Sampling Kits and Supplies

Contact us by email or telephone at (719) 776-9223 for more information or to order.

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