Engine Oil Testing Services



Test                                         Applicable Standard                           Price


Pour Point                               ASTM D97                                         $    Call for Pricing

Flash Point                              ASTM D93                                         $    Call for Pricing

Ash Content                                                                                        $    Call for Pricing

Total Base or Acid Number    ASTM D974                                       $    Call for Pricing

BTU Content                          Calculated                                           $    Call for Pricing

BTU Content                          ASTM D240 (Calorimetric)                $    Call for Pricing

Specific Gravity                      ASTM D1298                                     $    Call for Pricing

API Gravity                            ASTM D1298                                     $    Call for Pricing

Wear Metals                                                                                        $    Call for Pricing

FTIR for Organic Contamination                                                       $    Call for Pricing

Sulfur Analysis                                   ASTM 4294                            $    Call for Pricing

Viscosity                                                                                             $    Call for Pricing

Water/Sediment Content        Centrifuge                                           $    Call for Pricing

GC/FID or Headspace GC/MS                                                          $    Call for Pricing

Water Content (Karl Fisher)   ASTM D1744                                     $    Call for Pricing



Engine Oil Analysis Package                                                              $  115.00

            Wear Metals

Fuel Dilution



Water and Glycol

            FTIR for Organic Contamination



Other tests may be available.  Please call (719) 776-9223 or email us @ info@trconsultinggroup.com so that we can provide the sample volume required for the desired testing.