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OSHA Compliance and Safety

T.R. Consulting, Inc. has been providing safety training and consulting services since 1991. Training is available both on-line and on-site to meet HAZWOPER and Confined Space training requirements. On-site training classes are customized to the expected tasks and exposures of the students and carry continuing education unit credits under various state programs. On-line training provides convenience when time and scheduling difficulties arise. VISA/MasterCard/American Express and Discover cards accepted. Safety and Health Plan development is also available.


To register for on-line training or to learn more about T.R. Consulting, Inc. safety programs CLICK HERE or phone (719) 359-8467


Coming Soon! – West Coast HAZWOPER Refresher and Confined Space Safety Training Seminars. For Information Call (213) 787-6800.

NEW! – HAZCOM/GHS (Globally Harmonized System) training. Spanish version coming soon!


T.R. Consulting, Inc.  has published a number of safety articles and provides these articles for your reference. CLICK HERE FOR SAFETY ARTICLES and presentations (No Charge for Access).

Expert Witness and Legal Consulting Services

Expert Witness and Consulting Services are available from recognized experts in confined spaces, storage tank issues, and petroleum service incidents. Our experts will provide the knowledge, legal and field experience necessary for attorneys to defend or litigate cases involving confined space accidents, petroleum service accidents or releases and storage tank compliance issues.

To access current CVs of select experts in specified areas CLICK HERE or call (719) 359-8467 for more information

Laboratory Fuel Testing Services

T.R. Consulting, Inc. is a distributor for the services of International Lubrication and Fuel Consultants (ILFC).  ILFC provides fuel testing services and additives to maintain fuel performance.  Standby generator fuel degrades with age.  Testing and stabilization can ensure that standby generators operate properly when called upon to perform.  A wide range of fuel testing is available – ICP, FTIR, Microbes, Sulfur Content, Copper Corrosion, Water Content, and more.

Fuel Distribution - cold weather can cause the formation of wax crystals in diesel fuel and can cause the diesel fuel to gel. When diesel fuel clogs filters for diesel engines fueled at these sites, the engines stop running. Additionally, if the fuel does not flow easily, both dispensing equipment and fuel pumps have to work harder causing substantial wear and tear to the equipment. Products useful to our Fuel Distribution customers include testing and winter additives.

Construction - compressors and heavy equipment run on diesel fuel. This equipment is often left exposed to the winter elements. Fuel problems mean downtime and downtime costs money. We also supply our Construction customers with specialized testing packages for hydraulic, compressor and gear oils to help maintain critical equipment. Products useful to our Construction customers include testing, combustion catalysts and winter additives.

Heating Oil - our combustion catalyst improves combustion efficiency and greatly reduces carbon residue, resulting in more efficient production and distribution of heat.

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Petroleum Storage Compliance and Services

T.R. Consulting Group is your source for storage tank compliance audits, SPCC plans, tank cleaning, tank lining and inspection services. Working with a national network of storage tank service providers, we can provide reference to reliable contractors for services which we do not provide or for areas we do not serve.

For a complete list of services available CLICK HERE or contact us by email or telephone us at (719) 776-9223 for more information.

Sump Repairs

Armor Shield of America has developed the A.S. I. Sump Tight System.  Sumps can be effectively sealed to keep water out eliminating expensive maintenance costs and potential regulatory fines. 

For more information on the A.S.I. Sump Tight System and other services by Armor Shield of America CLICK HERE or call (800) 543-1838