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Sure-Seal Sump Tight System

One of the biggest hassles at any underground storage tank location is dealing with sumps that consistently fill with water.  This leads to expensive maintenance costs and the potential for costly fines.  Eventually, the corroded sumps require replacement.  Even with new sumps, the problem does not disappear because the problem is not with the sumps themselves, the problem is in the engineering design of the lid and boots.  The proven Sure-Seal Sump Tight System is guaranteed against any water leaks or infiltration without interruption of the daily business at the location*.


BEFORE                    &                     AFTER


Save THOUSANDS of dollars over the lifetime of your sump PLUS, for a limited time, we are offering a FREE sealed 4” fiberglass coupling observation port** on any new Sure-Seal Sump Tight System.


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* if sumps are located in traffic areas, traffic will be diverted

** larger sizes available for a fee