T.R. Consulting, Inc. Tank Services

Tank Services Provided

* Tank Audits - Are Your Tanks Truly Compliant?
Few companies are truly familiar enough with complex tank regulations to ensure your tanks are compliant. We send our experts to your site. Our experts have experience on National and State committees and have been called upon by the courts to provide their expert opinions. We also offer Designated Operator services in California and other select states.

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* Internal Tank Inspections
We perform inspections of tank interiors to determine lining integrity, remaining metal thickness and structural integrity. Determination of the cause of failure is many times best performed before an underground tank is removed from the ground.

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* Internal Tank Lining
Interior tank linings can be used to provide chemical compatibility, protection against corrosion related releases and can be used as part of a repair procedure.

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* Retrofit Secondary Containment
Secondary containment linings and bladders can provide a double barrier to releases and allow for detection of leaks before damage to the environment occurs.

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We don't offer every service that tank owners need and we can't be everywhere. But, we have networked with other reputable tank service providers to be able to provide referrals in most areas of the country for many tank services. Call us with any questions at (719) 359-8467.

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