Internal Inspection Programs


* Lining Integrity Assessments


Interior tank linings must be periodically inspected to ensure the continued leak-free condition of the tank. Traditional internal inspection determines the capability of a lining to remain in service while allowing for correction of minor defects which could otherwise result in future failure. Linings are inspected for evidence of cracking, crazing, disbondment, delamination, holidays, softening, thickness and presence of a proper striker plate under gaging openings. Interior lining inspections are conducted in conjunction with ultrasonic structural inspections for underground tanks upgraded by interior lining and as a sole form inspection method for internal linings on fiberglass and cathodically protected tanks.


* Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement


As a required part of the inspection of underground tanks upgraded by internal lining, the remaining metal thickness of the steel behind the lining is assessed by our certified inspectors using ultrasonic equipment specifically designed to read through thick coating materials. Ultrasonic testing methods are also offered as a means for assessing the suitability of tanks for the addition of cathodic protection without an interior lining or to assess previously lined tanks for the addition of cathodic protection to eliminate requirements for future inspections.


* Causes of Failure Determination


Removal of a failed tank may eliminate many clues as to the reason for failure. Improperly installed tanks may be out of round or other anomalies best assessed while the tank remains in the ground. Fiberglass tanks and internally lined tanks may be damaged during removal. Failed tanks may be candidates for repair at significantly less expense and with significantly less disruption than is caused by removal and replacement. While our experts can assess removed tanks, the ability to assess tanks in place gives our team an edge in protecting your interests and assigning the blame to the responsible party.


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