Directions for Training


1> Register. When you click on an on-line course, you will be taken to that course's registration page. All courses are try-before-you-buy.

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2> Print or bookmark your training manual modules . The manual is provided in segments, each segment is provided through links found on the course instruction page. No waiting, you have immediate access. Either print the manual (recommended) or bookmark the text modules to read from your computer terminal.
Just click on the desired training program below.
3> Download the required exercise(s), print the exercise(s), or work entirely from your computer. It is your choice. Whatever method works best for you.
4> Complete the exercise(s).
5> Read the required background documents and accident scenarios.
6> Take the test. You can print the test and enter your answers later or you can enter your answers as you take the test.
Test results and email certificate are generally provided within one business day of the latter of the following: receipt of payment or approval of payment arrangements (purchase orders) and receipt of completed test and exercise submittals. Laminated wallet certificates are processed three times weekly and are sent via USPS regular delivery. Missed test and exercise responses are critiqued and included with the laminated wallet certificate. We Understand that rush servicing may be required at times. Please use the comment section of the registration to alert us of any specific time constraints or call us at (719) 359-8467 so that we can do everything within our power to accommodate you.

Training Program Selections

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HAZWOPER Refresher $100.00 each student

This course is for the annual renewal of 24 hour or 40 hour HAZWOPER training.


Confined Space Safety $100.00 each student

This course covers entrant, attendant and supervisor duties while covering the regulatory requirements for permit-required confined space entry.


HAZCOM $75.00 each student - CPU terminal access required

This course provides compliance with HAZCOM/GHS requirements


HAZCOM Spanish/Espanol $75.00 each student/ $75,00 U.S. cada estudiante - CPU terminal access required/ terminal de ordenador requiere acceso

This course provides compliance with HAZCOM/GHS requirements/ Este curso proporciona el cumplimiento de las nuevas exigencias HAZCOM/GHS


Confined Space Awareness/Refresher $75.00 each student.

This course serves as a refresher for those who have already had confined space training or for those that will be working around (but not as part of an entry team) confined spaces in the workplace.
Note: confined space awareness training is insufficient for initial training of employees performing confined space entry.

HAZWOPER Supervisor $100.00 each student

Those in supervisory positions over employees required to have HAZWOPER training need Supervisor training.


HAZWOPER 24 Hour (on-line) + 16 Hour (traditional classroom) = 40 Hour HAZWOPER
Call for pricing at 719-359-8467


24 Hour HAZWOPER $250.00 each student


HAZWOPER Refresher + Confined Space Safety $185.00 each student


HAZWOPER Refresher + HAZWOPER Supervisor $185.00 each student


HAZWOPER Refresher + HAZWOPER Supervisor + Confined Space Safety $250.00 each student


Group Discounts Available


Regulatory Information Access


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