T.R. Consulting, Inc.

Privacy Policy


In order to process registrations for training, T.R. Consulting, Inc. requires you to provide personal information.  The below policy describes how we use that information.  If, after reading the below information, you want to opt out of our database, follow the instructions for removal at the bottom of this page.


  1. T.R. Consulting, Inc. does not share information about you with any outside party with the sole exception of credit card processing handled through a secure third party payment transaction gateway and our bank.
  2. T.R. Consulting does not store, handle or in any way maintain your credit card account information beyond the date that we receive your payment with the sole exception of approval authorization notices that do not contain specific credit card information (only the name, date, amount and approval fields are contained on these records).  Only authorized T.R. Consulting, Inc. personnel have access to this information while in our possession.
  3. When you register to receive training or for inclusion on our list of individuals desiring to receive notification of our monthly safety article, we use the information as described herein:
    1. To establish an account for training
    2. To maintain records of training as required by regulation
    3. To place you on our email notification list for safety news information
    4. To place you on a reminder list to let you know that your training anniversary date is approaching


T.R. Consulting, Inc. values and respects your privacy.  Items #1, 2, 3a and 3b above are necessary steps for the day-to-day business that we conduct.  Opting out will not change our handling of your personal information with regards to these items.


Our free safety news articles are available with or without inclusion on our email list.  Opting out will remove you from our email notification list that lets you know when we publish the article, the topics for articles (current and future) and providing “hot links” to these articles and other useful pages found on our website.


Opting out will also remove you from our database that provides a timely reminder that your training anniversary date is approaching.  We provide this service because many of our clients have requested it.  This service is provided automatically upon completion of any of our training programs.


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To opt out of our database, email us at remove@trconsultinggroup.com