Changes to OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard


OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200 is being revised to be in conformance with the international Globally Harmonized System, also known as GHS.  The goal is to ensure that workers are aware of the hazards associated with chemicals in their workplaces.  That much has not changed.  However, information and pictorial depictions appearing on labels have been standardized and Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) information is soon to be required to follow a standardized format under the new name of Safety Data Sheets or SDS.  In the transitional period prior to the listed deadlines, employers, manufacturers, distributors and importers may comply with either the current standard or the new standard or both.  The following changes and deadlines for compliance have been imposed as a part of this modification:


No later than December 01, 2013, the employer must assure that employees have been trained in the new label elements and the safety data sheet format.


T.R. Consulting has implemented an on-line training program in both English and Spanish which can be used to comply with this deadline. 


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No later than June 01, 2015, all aspects of the new hazard communication program must be complied with except that distributors will be allowed to ship non-GHS labeled containers which were originally labeled by the chemical manufacturer or importer until December 01, 2015.


As of December 01, 2015, all containers must meet the GHS labeling requirements in order to be shipped.


By June 01, 2016, all alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication programs are required to be updated to the new standard and employees must be trained for any newly identified physical or health hazards.


T.R. Consulting is making jpegs of the pictograms necessary for compliant SDS and labels available on our web site at