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Multimedia Safety Presentations

This page will allow you to access multimedia safety presentations.

Note: T.R. Consulting, Inc. provides these presentations "as is" and makes no warranty as to the content contained therein. As regulations are subject to change and interpretation, it is the user's responsibility to ensure the accuracy and adequacy of the information provided.


Instructions: if you do not have Power Point (tm) or Power Point (tm) Viewer, click on the downloadable viewer provided. Once downloaded, double click the icon to install the viewer. IMPORTANT! To progress to the next screen of the presentation, click on the screen and the next screen will appear.

Download Power Point (tm) Viewer

Bloodborne Pathogen Presentation
Confined Space Presentation #1
Confined Space Presentation #2
Working Around Cranes Safety Presentation
Electrical Safety Presentation
Eye and Face Protection Presentation
Excavation Safety Presentation
Fall Protection Methods Presentation
Fire Extinguisher Presentation
Fire Safety Presentation
Flammable/Combustible Liquid Safety Presentation
Hazard Communication Standard Presentation
Ladder Safety Presentation
Working Around Lift Equipment Safety Presentation
Lockout/Tagout Requirements Presentation
Machine Guarding Presentation
Material Handling Safety Presentation
Methylene Chloride Presentation
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Presentation
Respiratory Protection Presentation
Safety and Health Plan Presentation
Scaffold Safety Presentation
New Scaffold Standard Presentation

SLIDE PRESENTATIONS (No special software required)

Scaffold Safety Picture Slide Presentation


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