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Los Angeles CA Phone: (213) 787-6800

5351 Setters Way Central Facsimile Number: (310) 844-7240

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


T.R. Consulting, Inc.

Employee Profile

Tony Rieck - CEO/President




* Began work in petroleum industry 10/78 at Armor Shield

* Exec. VP of Armor Shield 12/89-92

* Exec. Dir. of National Leak Prevention Association 1989-97

* Pres./CEO of T.R. Consulting 1991-present

* Partner at Poly Lining Systems, Inc. 2012 - present




* 1991 ANSI review committee on:

-API 1604 on tank (UST) removal

-API 1615 on UST installation

-API 1631 on UST lining

-API 1632 on cathodic protection of USTs

* API/NACE Joint Steering Committee to the EPA -federal UST regulatory development

* NACE RP0285 cathodic protection of buried steel structures 1989 - 1991

* National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1990 - 1991

- NFPA 326 - safe entry into tanks

- NFPA 327 - cleaning of tanks

- NFPA 328 - sewers and manholes

- NFPA 329 - remedial investigation

* MI Ad Hoc Com. on Flammable & Combustible Liquids 1989 - 1990

* ASTM ES40 and G158 Committees - tank inspection

* EPA 09/1993 Above Ground Storage Tank Forum




* Colorado School of Mines 1989-91

* Ohio Fire Marshal Courses 1991, 93-95

* Hocking College UST Course 1995

* FL Tank Inspector Seminar 1991

* MI Hazardous Materials Training Center 1991

* T.R. Consulting HAZWOPER 1991-present

- also Confined Space Safety, Lock Out/Tag Out, and Excavation Safety

* NLPA Special Inspector UST/AST Evaluation Course 1992 - present

* Riverside Community College (MN) 1995-98

* Univ. CA- Riverside 1997-98

* Univ. CA Fresno 1999

* Univ. CA- Sacramento 1999




* NLPA Standard 631 coauthor, editor (1988)

* NLPA Standard 632 coauthor, editor (1987)

* NLPA Standard 635 (1991)

* Air & Waste Management Association - secondary containment (1991)

* Iowa study on video inspection (1995)

* NLPA/KWA RP 1-2009, Recommended Practice for Inspecting Buried Lined

Steel Tanks Using a Video Camera, 2nd Edition coauthor, editor (2011)

* Various web-published safety articles




* Expert Witness- FL Petroleum Marketers challenge of FL storage tank regulations

retained by plaintiff the FL Petroleum Marketers (1991)

* Consulting Expert- Getty v. Natirar v. Lutz (1995)

retained by defendant Lutz report only

Nowell, Amoroso & Mattia- Susan Lawless

* Expert Witness in Holden v. Mitchell Oil Co. (1996)

retained by defendant Mitchell Oil

Rives & Peterson - Labella Alvis

US Dist Court for N District of AL - CV95-PT-2998-M

* Expert Witness in Taxpayer Case (1997)

retained by plaintiff IRS

Portland, OR Docket # 18301-96

* Expert Witness in Mercer v. MDEQ (1998)

retained by plaintiff Mercer

Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler - Tyler Tennent

* Expert Witness in Meeks v. C&T Tank Lining (1999)

retained by defendant C&T Tank Lining

Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson - Bastiaan Coebergh

Dist Court of the 4th Judicial Dist - Utah County, UT Civil # 980403769

* Expert Witness Iowa Tank Fund Board v. Midwest Liquid Systems (2001)

retained by defendant Midwest Liquid Systems

Bollinger, Ruberry & Garvey - David Larson

Marshall County, IA - Docket # LA C 13283-0400

* Expert Witness in Busby et al v. Toms Sierra et al (2001)

retained by defendant Sessions Tank Liners

Thomas Kristoff

CA Superior Court County of Sacramento Case # 98 AS 06071

* Consulting Expert in Armor Shield et al v. Corrpro et al (2001)

retained by plaintiff Armor Shield

Dinsmore & Shohl - Vince Stamp

Cleveland District (OH)

* Expert Witness in Speedway SuperAmerica LLC v. Emery Transportation

retained by defendant Emery Transportation (2002)

Freund, Freeze & Arnold

Clark County (OH) Court of Common Pleas Case # 01-CV-0344

* Expert Witness in Hamilton et al v. MVM et al (2004)

retained by defendant MVM

Reminger & Reminger - Rick Weil

Hamilton County (OH) Common Pleas - Case # A0305058

* Expert Witness in Loudermilk, et al v. Marathon Petroleum Co., et al (2004 to 2009)

retained by plaintiff Loudermilk

Goodwin & Goodwin Richard Rowe

Cunningham, Brown, Crowder, Brown & Breedlove Greg Breedlove

James M. Cawley, Jr. PLLC Jay Cawley

U.S. District Court, WV Southern District Civil Action # 3:04-0966

* Expert Witness in Sapp, et al v. Morrison Brothers, et al (2005 to 2008)

retained by plaintiff Sapp

Langdon & Emison J. Kent Emison

Steelman, Gaunt & Horsefield David L. Steelman

Circuit Court of Jackson, MO 0516-CV22177, Div 2

* Expert Witness in Kuczka v. Olin v. Walters (2006 2007)

retained by defendant Olin

Husch & Eppenberger, LLC Daniel Jaffe

Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, IL Case # 05-L-274

* Expert Witness in Tank Tech v. Lad Neal (2007)

retained by plaintiff Tank Tech

Dement & Dolan Kenneth Dement, Jr.

US District Court, Eastern District of MO, Southeastern Div. 1:07CV00020

* Expert Witness in Larry Bowens, et al v. 7-Eleven, Inc, et al (2007 to 2008)

retained by defendant 7-Eleven

Kirkland & Ellis Gabor Balassa

Elkhart, IN Superior Court Civil Action # 20D3-0209-CT-48

* Expert Witness in Joyce Marie Thomas Gatlin, et al v. Tnemec Co., Inc. (2007 to 2008)

retained by plaintiff Gatlin

Pigott Reeves & Johnson J. Brad Pigott

U.S. Dist. Court So. District MS Jackson Div. Civil Action #3:07cv651 TSL-JLS

* Expert Witness in Lazcano v. Bonanza Creek Energy Company (2008 to 2009)

retained by plaintiff Lazcano

The Heller Law Firm Stephen Heller

CA Superior Court Kern County # S-1500-CV-264354

* Expert Witness in Lazcano v. Bonanza Creek Energy Company (2008 to 2010)

retained by plaintiff Gomez Brothers

Estey & Bomberger Ljubisa Kostic

CA Superior Court Kern County # S-1500-CV-264354

* Expert Witness in Meneghin v Exxon et al (2009 to 2011)

retained by co-defendant Spark Electric

Connell Foley LLP Angela Iuso

NJ Docket No. OCN-L-002696-07

* Expert Witness in Thor Grysko v Berry Petroleum (2010 to 2013)

retained by plaintiff Grysco

Young Wooldridge LLP Scott Howry

Kern County CA Case # S1500CV27665

* Expert Witness in Barber Equipment Co v BuildExpress (2010 to present)

retained by defendant BuildExpress

Paul S. Weiner Attorney at Law

GA Civil Action No. 09CV1250A

* Expert Witness in Min Ja Huh d/b/a Jack Rabbit Quick Stop v Spencer Distr. et al (2011)

retained by plaintiff Min Ja Huh

Tom Jacks Chalker Flores LLP

N District of TX, Dallas Div., Civil No 3:10-CV-1494-L

* Expert Witness in Varis v. Urbieta Oil (2010 to 2012)

retained by defendant Urbieta Oil

Efrain Carlos Weinberg, Wheeler, Hudgins, Gunn & Dial LLC

11th Judicial Circuit, Miami-Dade County Case No 2009-94574-CA-02

* Expert Witness in Duke Beemer v. Palm Express (2011)

retained by plaintiff Beemer

Peter Diamond Rudd and Diamond, PA

Broward County Judicial Circuit Case N0 11-10621 02

* Expert Witness in Niemi Oil Company v. Exxon Mobil Corporation (2011- 2012)

retained by plaintiff Niemi

Allan Bakalian Zeno Drake Bakalian P.S.

US Dist. Court, Oregon Dist., Portland Div. Case No. 3:11-cv-00214-MO

* Expert Witness in Tank Tech, Inc. v. Bradley Petroleum, Inc. (2012)

Retained by plaintiff Tank Tech

Sarah Young - Miller & Cohen, P.C.

County Court, Arapaho County, CO, Case No. 2011C312876

* Expert Witness in State of Colorado v. ConocoPhillips Company (2012 2013)

Retained by defendant ConocoPhillips Company

Greenberg Traurig

District Court, City and County of Denver, CO Case No. 12CV451

* Expert Witness in Fernandez v. Del Mar Venture II et al (2013 to 2015)

Retained by defendant Cliff Berry

Heather Calhoun Luks, Santaniello, Petrillo & Jones

Miami Dade County FL Circuit Court Civil Div. Case No. 10-18121 CA 15

* Expert Witness Mosbrucker and Doubek v. Halcon Resources et al (2013 to 2015)

Retained by defendant Halcon Resources

Steven Storeslee Storeslee Law Firm

U.S. District Court, North Dakota Northwestern District Case No. 4:13-CV-086

* Expert Witness MacPherson Oil Company vs. Accelerated Environmental Services (2014)

Retained by defendant Accelerated Environmental Services

Larry Peake Wall, Wall and Peak.

* Expert Witness in Fernandez v. Del Mar Venture II et al (2015 to 2015)

Retained by plaintiff Fernandez

Ralph Patino Patino and Associates

Miami Dade County FL Circuit Court Civil Div. Case No. 10-18121 CA 15

* Expert Witness in Taylor v. Michigan Petroleum Technologies (2015 to 2015)

Retained by defendant Michigan Petroleum Technologies

Christopher Terry

Rutledge, Manion, Rabout, Terry, Thomas

Genesee Circuit Court LC No. 12-098397-NI

* Expert Witness in Kacey Hough v. Herzog Contracting (2015 to present)

Retained by plaintiff Cacey Hough

Jeffery Hanna Hanna Law Offices

Lafayette County, MO Circuit Court Case No. 15LF-CV00242





* Speaker at MI UST Expo in 1990

* Speaker at CA WRCB 1994 Annual Conferences

* Speaker CA Environmental Health Symposium 1994

* 1994 - EPA Region 8 UST presentations to states

* Speaker at 1995 ID Western Petroleum Marketer Conference

* NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Level II Visual Testing

* NDT Level III Ultrasonic Testing

* NDT Level II Liquid Penetrant Testing

* Speaker at MO Waste Control Coalition Conference June 2011

* Oversight of Sprint/Eriksson Non-point discharge elimination systems 2011 to present

* Presenter to National Work Group on Leak Detection March 2012

* Presenter to Namibia Ministry of Mines and Energy Conference October 2012

* Consultant to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Risk Management Tokyo, Japan 2013 to present

* Provide Technology Training for Total France, Caltex (Chevron) and Shell petroleum companies Cairo, Egypt 2014

* Engaged by MICE Global to provide AST and UST inspection classes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2014

* Petroleum Safety Training in Taipei, Taiwan 2015

* Presentation of Retrofit Secondary Containment Technologies to the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) in Dalian, Nanjing and Shanghai, China 2016